As a child, Gail’s love of art was often overshadowed by a love of Music. Growing up, she studied flute and piano before nerve damage from a spinal tumour affected her playing. Although frustrated by this, it led to her moving on to study the social sciences before graduating in Sociology from the University of Aberdeen, a subject she remains interested in. It was a few years after this, while painting with her children that Gail rediscovered her love of art and finally began her career as an Artist.  

Based  just outside the Scottish Coastal town of Montrose her love of the sea means her location provides the perfect opportunity to study and capture the ever changing moods of the coast and in all seasons and weathers. Gails continued love of sociology often impacts her creative practice.  After years of studying society, social impacts and controls, she is drawn to the simple freedom and wildness of seascapes and the coast. However, her love of sociology is often still present within her work, with glimpse of societies presence in them, often in the form of a single sail boat, shipwreck or distant lights of a town on the coastline. However, Gail’s overall aim is to capture and provoke the human emotions that are tied to the ever changing moods of the sea. be that the peacefulness of a calm day, the harshness of a rough sea or the adventure and freedom of a lone sailboat.


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